Before the advent of the Laowa Macro Probe lens, only expensive professional ones were used. Boroscopic systems such as: T-Rex Superscope, Superscope Borescope, InnoVision Probe.

For the first time, this technology, presented by Venus Optics, became available to a wide range of consumers around the world. This lens fits most modern cameras and comes with mounts: Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE, Pentax K, PL-Mount. This lens allows you to shoot in macro mode at a scale of up to 2:1 while maintaining the focus to infinity. A feature of this lens is the so-called angle "Bug Eye".

  • - Ring LED backlight
  • - Waterproof case
  • - Modification of Cine-Mod (includes standard focus rings and apertures)
  • - Covers Full Frame Sensors