PXW-FS7 - ergonomic camera from the well-known company SONY. This camera shows itself perfectly in documentary shooting, in TV programs, reality shows, online broadcasts and other television stories. Convenience is manifested in the ability to work without the need for additional equipment. Being a budget camera, it has such a powerful feature as 4K resolution, which allows you to get excellent image quality.

Also, its main feature is the built-in Slow & Quick Motion function, which allows you to manipulate shooting speeds up to 180 fps at 1 fps interval. This feature allows for a 7.5-fold deceleration at a speed of 24 fps, without sacrificing image quality.
Other features:

  • Shooting in Super 35, RAW, XAVC
  • 180 fps when shooting in Full HD resolution
  • Stunning compatibility with various film and photo lenses
  • Dynamic range reaches 14 degrees
  • Comfortable work when shooting at night (ISO 2000 sensitivity)