Red Gemini 5K is RED's most flexible camera, designed for shooting in a wide variety of environments. It can be perfectly used in double exposure mode, thanks to a special GEMINI sensor. This can be either a standard mode with good illumination, or a low-light mode.

Due to its design in low light mode, the camera sensor is by far one of the most highly sensitive. Hypersensitivity - the main feature of this camera. When shooting at night, the camera delivers exceptional performance, an incredible dynamic range, and creates cinematic-quality images. Other features:

  • Supports basic shooting formats, including RAW, Apple ProRes and DNxHR
  • Dynamic range has about 16 degrees
  • Ideal for working with anamorphic optics
  • Up to 120 fps when shooting in 5K resolution
  • Up to 150 fps when shooting in 4K resolution
  • Up to 200 fps when shooting in 3K resolution
  • Up to 300 fps when shooting in 2K resolution