The ARRI Alexa Mini is truly unique among the Alexa family of cameras, compact, lightweight and autonomous. It is the foremost and most popular camera in the world.

Compared to other ARRI cameras, the Alexa Mini has such a small weight that it allows you to comfortably hold it at arm's length, and its compact size makes it ideal for shooting in very different and not standard conditions: under water, in the air, by car, and even in 3D. But these are not all the benefits that the Alexa Mini has. Also its features:

  • Record video in multiple formats - HD, 2K and 4K
  • Shooting speed can reach 200 fps (for an additional speed increase use of external equipment is possible)
  • ARRIRAW 3.4K
  • Open Gate mode (4K Cine format)
  • Possibility of remote control with the help of various additional devices or control through the integrated interface